Are  you getting all the benefits you are entitled to? We can, in a matter  of minutes, determine if there are extra benefits for which you may be  eligible, including:
• Transportation to and from medical appointments and personal needs like shopping
• Savings on your monthly Medicare part B premium
• Doctor’s and nurse’s visits by telephone

• Fitness programs

• Delivered meals

Scope of Appointment (SOA) Form

Click here to get the form.

Scope of Appointment (SOA) form (pdf)
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The completed form can be mailed to:

Ideal Insurance Services
Attn: SOA
23600 Marlow
Oak Park, MI 48237

or it can emailed to It may not be faxed, as that cannot guarantee privacy.

The Medicare beneficiary or their authorized representative MUST initial all boxes that apply, and SHOULD print their name in the box with their signature. An authorized representative is a person who would sign on behalf of the Medicare Beneficiary due to Power of Attorney status. If the beneficiary, or the authorized representative, has any questions, they may call Ideal Insurance Services at (248) 320-9824. If there is more than one beneficiary interested in a single appointment, Ideal Insurance Services needs a separate Scope of Appointment (SOA) form for each beneficiary. Please write in your phone number if you would like a phone call.